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Will You Be Able to Talk to Your Russian Love Match?

30. July 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

At times, it's easy to forget that translators review and interpret the communcation on RussianLoveMatch and that many of the Russian ladies are not, in fact, strong English speakers. This is fine for casual chats and flirty fun, but if your goal is to meet one of our ladies face-to-face, and possibly marry her, you need to plan for the language barrier challenge.


Different Levels of English Skills

The women on RussianLoveMatch have various degrees of English proficiency. Some speak next to no English or none at all, while others consider themselves to be proficient or fluent. Obviously, it’s much easier to communicate with a fluent or proficient speaker than to communicate with an elementary one. As one of our gentlemen members mentioned in a travel tips article, “when it comes to the actual live meeting in person, it is VERY difficult if the woman is not at least reasonably fluent in the English language.”


Pursuing Russian Women With Poor English Skills

If you want to have a serious relationship with a woman who is a poor English speaker, you must be extremely patient and understanding. The lady will need intense English lessons so that she will be able to communicate without the aid of an interpreter, and you should make every effort to learn her language as well. Confusion and misunderstandings are bound to arise with elementary speakers, and gentlemen who want to court and marry such ladies must be willing to deal with these issues in a patient and compassionate way. Some gentlemen don’t have the patience or ability to deal with these challenges, and that’s okay. They should instead focus on ladies who are reasonably proficient. The Advanced Search feature on RussianLoveMatch allows men to filter ladies by their English skill.

Communication challenges are an inevitable part of any international relationship, and gentlemen on RussianLoveMatch should be aware of, and willing to deal with, this basic fact. If you want to be successful on our site, think hard about potential language barriers and the kind of speakers you’re willing and able to court.