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Why is RussianLoveMatch Better Than Other Russian Dating Sites? - Anti-Scam and Validation Policies

23. November 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

Many gentlemen sensibly choose to research Russian dating sites before settling on any particular one. However, the number of options is overwhelming. What makes one dating service better than another? Anti-scam and validation policies is one answer.


Anti-Scam and Validation Procedures

A big concern among would-be suitors today is the validity of the girls on Russian dating sites. Gentlemen want to know that their money is going towards meeting real Russian women who are looking for love, not phonies or scammers. RussianLoveMatch goes to great lengths to ensure the women on our site are single ladies who are genuinely looking for love. Below are just a few of the measures we take to weed out would-be Russian scammers.


Proof of Identification

When ladies register with one of our independent agencies, they must provide a valid form of picture ID (passport, license, etc.).  Agency representatives will then make a copy of this identification for our records. In addition, once a lady’s profile appears on the site, RussianLoveMatch’s graphic designers will compare the lady’s identification photos, date of birth, and other data with the information listed on her profile and in her validation video (see below) to ensure that there are no inconsistencies.


Validation Video

A lady must first record and submit a validation video before she can post a profile on our site. In this video, each lady must state that she is using the service of their own free will, that she will not accept money to participate on RussianLoveMatch, and that she will not request money or gifts from our members. The ladies must also sign an agreement outlining the same stipulations. If a lady refuses to submit a validation video we will not list her on the site, and if she violates the validation agreement we will remove her from


Scammer Investigations

RussianLoveMatch takes allegations of fraud very seriously, and we encourage our members to report any ladies they suspect of being scammers. If we find that a lady is guilty of violating our terms of service, we will remove her profile from the site. Unacceptable behavior includes soliciting members for money or gifts or accepting money to chat with men. Gentlemen may contact our customer service seven days a week to report any concerns.


Live Video Streaming

RussianLoveMatch is one of the few services in the industry to offer live video streaming. With this service, members can see for themselves that the ladies on our site are real. Clients no longer have to wonder if the gorgeous lady in the photo is the same lady sending him emails and instant chat messages. The proof is in the video.


RussianLoveMatch puts a lot of effort into ensuring the Russian women on the site are sincere in their quest for love. If you're ready to meet a real, honest Russian lady visit RussianLoveMatch and create a free profile today.