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Why Won't My Russian Lady Give Out Contact Info?

21. December 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

Once you have become a qualified member on RussianLoveMatch, you are able to send Intimacy Requests to your favorite ladies so you can exchange personal contact information. Here’s why some Russian brides may be reluctant to give that info to you right away.


The Security

Even though you may have been chatting with a Russian lady for several months, she could still be hesitant in giving out her personal phone number or email address. Just like you may be wary to trust someone you have never met, these ladies share those same feelings. They enjoy the comfort and safety of communicating through RussianLoveMatch until they are ready to take the next step.


The Expenses

Many Russian and Ukrainian women do not enjoy the luxury of having computers and internet access at home. In order for them to use their personal email, they have to visit an internet café and pay for the service. If ladies are unable to afford the costs of internet access, then they prefer to continue emailing through RussianLoveMatch at the agency offices because the internet is available at no cost to them there.


Before you submit your Intimacy Request…

Make sure you find out from your favorite lady what her unique situation is regarding internet or phone service. Before you submit an Intimacy Request, be sure that your lady wants to give you her personal email or phone number and will be able to access the internet or even owns a landline or cell phone. This way you will be aware of how your relationship will progress and there will no surprises.


Tons of members are able to find success with this unique form of online dating. You may not be used to the complexities of communication that Russian ladies experience, but if you truly want to grow your relationship, then you will both find a way. Be patient and understanding and you can meet your match.