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Why Should I Seek a Younger Russian Bride?

19. January 2010 by Daniel 0 Comments

Getting a letter from just one of the many ladies on Russian Love Match can be quite flattering.


Yet still, many gentlemen are hesitant to pursue any kind of relationship with the younger women on our site. We hear sometimes from members who are concerned about what a relationship with a younger woman might suggest about their intentions.


Stigma attached to older man-younger woman relationships has no real influence on the success of those relationships. However, if you are seeking a younger Russian bride, it is essential that you ask yourself if your reasons for doing so are the right ones.


The Wrong Reasons

There exists a stigma associated with older man-younger woman relationships that suggests that such arrangements are based solely on sex for the man. Similarly, some would say that the women in these types of relationships are only out for money or some other kind of material gain. While both of these may be true of some relationships, they are certainly not ideas that apply to all.


Men who wish to seek a Russian bride purely for reasons of sex are not likely to establish such a relationship through our Web site. And while financial security is important for many Russian women, the ladies of, for the most part, seek much more in a relationship with a foreign gentleman than mere money.


The Right Reasons

If you are looking for a relationship with a younger Russian woman, ask yourself if your reasons for doing so match the reasons that Russian ladies typically seek older foreign gentlemen. Are you interested in starting a family? If you found your Russian bride, would you be able to provide for the family that you start with her – financially and otherwise? The ladies also generally place great importance on chivalrous qualities and the need for gentlemen to be gentlemen. Can you be this for your Russian bride?


Also ask yourself if you are willing to accept that a significant age difference may bring with it certain challenges. A younger Russian woman is likely to have less knowledge and life experience having than you have. This is something you must manage if the relationship is to last.

As the saying goes - love is blind. While some may scoff at age differences in a relationship, these attitudes should not hold you back pursuing a younger Russian woman if there is genuine romantic interest.


If you want a Russian bride for the right reasons, sign up for a Russian Love Match premium membership today to start looking for her today.