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Why Russian Women Should Marry Older Men

26. February 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Elena Davydova

Some men find it hard to believe that Russian brides don't mind a large age difference when seeking love matches.


Elena Davydova, a former Russian Playboy executive, married just 5 years ago when she was 42 and her husband was 68. She talks about men, her marriage to an older British gentleman, and why younger Russian women should seek older British husbands in her new best-selling book The English Wedding.


Much of the praise Elena gives to these more mature men is how respectful and polite they are. These are very important qualities that Russian women look for in partners. She describes how the gentlemen in her town of Swanage in Dorset always hold doors open and offer to carry heavy bags for ladies. She also tells how British men commonly help their wives with household chores, adding “I know several families where the husbands always cook because their wives either do not have time for it or simply don’t like doing it.”


She often compares British chaps to the men in Russia, saying that is not uncommon for Russian men aged 48 to 55 to still be supported by their mothers, where situations like that are just not found in England. Also, it’s very rare for an Englishman to leave his wife for a younger woman, unlike in Russia where she has seen that happen many times.


Elena and her husband, James Robert Beresford Harwood, first met in Spain and he admits that until then he thought all Russian women were like Rosa Klebb, the James Bond villain of From Russia With Love. After traveling to Moscow with Elena and meeting all of her charming and beautiful girlfriends, he now jokes that “the Iron Curtain was specially arranged to hide Russian beauties from Western men.”


Although Elena’s story is based on her own opinion and experience, her book does give an interesting glimpse into a successful international marriage, despite their wide age difference and vastly different backgrounds. Elena confesses that it was quite a challenge to get used to living in England, but now she is an advocate for younger Russian women seeking older husbands in other countries. She’s living proof that it can work!


The English Wedding, by Elena Davydova