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Why Military Men Love Russian Dating

6. November 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Meeting someone while serving your country can be hard. Location changes, rigid schedules and multi-year commitments can make it difficult to meet people. As a result, a large proportion of military men are single, ranging from 39% of male Army and Air Force members to 55% of Marines.


International dating has been embraced by gentlemen from all walks of life. But, we think that our site is especially beneficial to men who are in the military. International dating can help military members navigate the challenges of finding that special someone. A few reasons that Russian dating is perfect for our men in uniform:


Online Dating Has Gone Mainstream

Once, online dating was considered the realm of socially awkward folks on the fringes. Now, 20% of all marriages begin with a meeting on an online dating site. As online dating in general has grown, international dating has, as well. According to Businessweek, 16,500 couples married after meeting through international dating between 1997 and 2007, and industry experts say that more men are joining international dating sites than ever.


Wherever You Go, There She Is

When you don’t know where you will be stationed in six months, local dating can be tough. With Russian dating, you are meeting ladies who are already outside your geographic location. A need for patience is built into the experience, so Russian women are willing to wait for you. An internet-based relationship gives you continuity and companionship no matter where in the world your duties take you. With over 17,000 ladies active on our site, you have excellent chances of finding someone who is perfect for you. 


Russian Ladies Appreciate the Commitment the Military Requires

The Russian and Ukrainian ladies on our site list commitment, respect and ambition among the top qualities they seek in a man. They realize the dedication that the military requires, and know that you can be the sort of honorable and solid man they are looking for.


Russian Ladies Love a Man Who Keeps in Shape

Military service often means being in tip top shape. As you have probably noticed, Ukrainian and Russian ladies work hard to keep themselves fit. They’ll be very appreciative of the fact that you do, too. And, Russian ladies love well-dressed men. We bet that a special Russian friend would love to see how you look in formal military dress!


Military Service is a Familiar Part of Russian and Ukrainian Life

The ladies on our site all know men who have spent at least a short span of time engaged with the military. In Russia, all young men spend a year in military service. In Ukraine, ladies will have brothers or cousins who were part of the officer’s reserve or served a year in regular military service at some point in their lives.


Best of all, when it comes to Ukrainian ladies, who make up the bulk of female members on our site, the numbers are on your side: while military service members skew heavily male, the demographics of Ukrainian civilians tilt female. There are .92 males for each lady in Ukraine. And, Ukrainian ladies are far more likely to seek the traditional package of marriage and kids than the gents.


Ukraine and Russia are a great place to find the sort of sexy, smart and loyal lady you want. Join Russian Love Match free to see who is out there waiting for you.