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Why Hot Russian Women Look for Love Abroad

13. January 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Visit a Russian dating message board or forum and you're bound to come across dozens of men who are convinced Russian dating is too good to be true. The beauty of Russian women is often the basis of these claims. Men simply can't believe that lovely Russian ladies can't find a man in their own country or that hot women would be interested in regular guys like them. Here's why the skeptics are wrong.


Why Can't Beautiful Russian Women Find Men in Russia?

Russian women seek love on for a variety reasons. The two most common reasons we hear are a lack of available men in Russia and a desire for a man with traditional family values. While the majority of woman in America or England may have no trouble finding a mate, the situation in Russia is vastly different and Russian women must take different measures to find a suitable partner. It’s not that the lovely women on RussianLoveMatch need help finding love or that there are no available men in Russia; it’s just that the ladies have chosen an alternative method of finding their match.


Why Would a Hot Russian Woman Be Interested in a Regular Guy Like Me?

It’s true that an overwhelming amount of the women on RussianLoveMatch are beautiful. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the profile photos are professionally done. Though still beautiful, chances are most of the women look much more approachable and less model-perfect in person.

Every man has something to offer a woman and it is up to gentlemen to show the Russian ladies that special quality or qualities. Russian women like confidence and optimism so don’t let your insecurities derail your search for love. Be yourself and don't be afraid to pursue a woman who strikes your fancy.


While skepticism is healthy, it's important not to let these feelings ruin your chances for finding the Russian or Ukrainian woman of your dreams. Beautiful women do fall in love with average looking men and not all gorgeous women have an easy time finding a loving partner. Why not keep an open mind and give Russian dating at try?