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Why Does She Like Chat More Than Email? Why Does She Prefer Email to Chat?

3. August 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Some members want to know why their lady or ladies prefer chat to email or vice versa. This question often arises when a gentleman's communication preference is opposite of a lady's. Here are the advantages to each style of communication and why a gentleman should always respect his lady's choice.



Instant gratification is one reason some ladies (especially young ones) prefer's instant chat to email. They can type a question and receive a reply in a minute or less, rather than waiting days or even weeks for a response. There is no worry that their communication will get lost in the shuffle or that a gentleman will forget to reply. Also, chat is less time consuming than reading and responding to lengthy emails, an important benefit for ladies with limited time, limited English skills, or both.  



Email is a great tool for women who want to practice reading and writing in English or those who want more in-depth information about a particular gentleman. It’s also useful for times when a lady’s schedule does not synch up with a gentleman’s, making chat difficult or impossible. Not only that, but many ladies love the excitement they feel upon reading a romantic message from a special gentleman.  


Respect Her Choice

At times, gentlemen who strongly prefer email fall for ladies who hate email but love to chat or vice versa. This can be problematic when the men pressure or insist the ladies communicate a certain way or suggest that a particular preference is an indication of a scam. Each member of RussianLoveMatch, men and women alike, has their own preference and style of communication and is free to use the site however they wish. Naturally, other users should respect this basic freedom.


Some members prefer chat because it’s quick and easy, while other members prefer email because it is generally more in depth and does not require both members to be online at the same time. No matter how you or a lady choose to communicate, the two of you should accept and respect one another’s preferences.