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Why Does Censor Chats and Emails?

8. January 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Russian Love Match

Members often ask about's email and chat restrictions. Common questions include: "Why can't I exchange personal contact information with a Russian lady?" or "Why can't I send sexy pictures and messages?" Here's why we have chosen to implement these policies.


Our Focus is Matchmaking, Not Adult Entertainment 

Some members want the freedom to send sexually-explicit messages and/or nude photos to women they meet on the site. While this desire is understandable, it not something we choose to accommodate. The focus of is to facilitate love matches between Western men and Russian/Ukrainian women. RussianLoveMatch is not, and was never intended to be, a pornography site or an adult chat room. We are aware that some Russian dating sites allow sexually-explicit content, but we are not that kind of service. Members are free to do and say whatever they like once a lady has approved an Intimacy Request, but until then gentlemen must keep it clean.


We Want Everyone to Feel Safe

Safety is the primary reason we do not allow unqualified members to exchange personal contact information with the ladies. Many people, Western men and Russian ladies alike, are uncomfortable with the idea of sharing their personal information with strangers from another country. Believe it or not, some gentlemen have traveled to Russia or the Ukraine to visit a lady without notifying her first. This can be dangerous for both the men, obvious foreigners in an unknown city, and the women, vulnerable females with a strange man unexpectedly at their doorstep. This is a rare scenario, of course, but things do happen and that is why the United States enacted the International Marriage Brokerage Regulation Act (IMBRA) in 2005 which RussianLoveMatch must follow. does not allow sexually-explicit language or images in chats or emails. In addition, we do not permit gentlemen to exchange personal contact information with the ladies until they have become Qualified Members. These policies are clearly outlined in the Terms of Use and all gentlemen must agree to these terms before becoming members of the site. While our content restriction polices are not always be popular, it’s important for members to understand that safety and a matchmaking focus are what prompted us to restrict email and chat correspondence.