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Why Do I Receive So Many Messages?

9. March 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

You've Got Mail from beautiful Russian women!

Some guys who first join plan on taking it slow. They'll browse through the profiles, find a few that spark some interest, and send some emails. Then they check their inbox. 100 emails! In only 1 day? Some members feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of messages they receive from these hot Russian women. Are they all real? Are they serious? By taking a look at this soul mate search from the ladies’ perspectives, men can see why they could get carried away.


Electronic Mail is Electrifying

Email and the internet may be old news to you but it’s still somewhat new and exciting for many of the Russian and Ukrainian brides. Most of them do not have internet access at home or even personal email accounts, which is why their introduction agencies are a huge help. It wasn’t too long ago that women would have to rely on the traditional postal system when they wanted to correspond with people abroad, and some still do. Sending messages around the world so quick with just a click is still miraculous to many.


Today's Special Feature: You!  

Once a gentleman signs up for a membership on, his profile is featured above all others on the ladies’ site. Since there are so many single ladies looking for love, they are eager to begin introducing themselves to the new guys. Some ladies believe quantity is quality and send introduction letters to all the new members they see, hoping to increase their chances of getting a reply from that perfect match. Men don’t have to reply or even read every email they receive; some prefer to look over a lady’s profile first to help determine if he wants to open her messages.


Time Flies When Russian Brides Are Having Fun 

Many Russian brides’ lives are packed with work, school, friends, and family. Those with more leisure time can search through the profiles and carefully select the ones who they think will be most compatible. Other girls may only have small windows of opportunity to use the computers so they have to be broader and more hurried in their search. Just because these ladies send more emails doesn’t mean they are less serious in seeking their soul mates.


Remember, there are nearly 10,000 single Russian and Ukrainian women on Even if you receive emails from 1% of them each day, that totals 300 messages in just 3 days! Just take your time and reply to those you have an interest in, or start sending your own introduction letters to the ladies that you choose. In the meantime, get used to be sought after!