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Why Do Guys Pay to Meet Russian Girls Online?

23. October 2012 by Michelle 0 Comments

Bachelors looking for love online often find themselves drawn to Russian and Ukrainian dating websites, although they wonder why these international matchmaking services charge membership fees. They know they can utilize the free dating sites, yet they are still strongly attracted to the Russian dating sites.


Understanding all of the expenses incurred by the websites in order to match up soul mates from around the world helps men realize that their charge is more like an investment.


Some guys assume that Russian dating websites have minimal operating costs so they have the luxury of profiting from all of the membership fees. While these businesses must obtain a profit to be able to continue offering their services, most of the member costs are used toward a wide range of operating expenses as well.


Online dating is easily accessible for most men living in the Western world, but they need to remember that this is not the case for Russian and Ukrainian women. Most of them can’t afford computers or web cams, much less pay for expensive internet service. The dating sites provide all of the equipment and services for the ladies’ local dating agencies. Unlimited internet service is rare in Russia so charges occur by the minute. Plus, the high quality sites with live video streaming incur additional costs as well.


Also, Russian dating agencies employ a full staff of professional translators that work around the clock and it’s typically the dating sites’ responsibility to compensate these employees. Another cost incurred by the best sites is employing a full staff of knowledgeable, customer service professionals. They are available seven days a week to answer questions and address member concerns. Without them, many gentlemen would be lost. IT professionals, graphic designers, administrative support staff, and marketing specialists, among others, are also critical to the success of these services.


Once a gentleman learns about all of the aspects involved in international dating websites, he realizes that his membership fees are a small price to pay. While earning a profit is a necessity for any business, the charges paid by members to meet beautiful Russian women online are not all profit for the site. Some guys may still gripe about the costs, while others appreciate investing in a unique dating experience.


Chatting with gorgeous girls online is money well spent; meeting that perfect match to spend the rest of your life with could be the best investment you’ve ever made.