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Why Are Russian Women Interested in Foreign Men?

5. November 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

Many members of RussianLoveMatch want to know why Russian women are interested in foreign men. These gentlemen might ask: “Why can’t the ladies find a partner in their own country?” or “Don’t they just want a green card?” While each lady is unique, there are a few common reasons why Russian women might choose to pursue Western men. So what are they?


A Shortage of Russian Men

The shortage of Russian men is perhaps the biggest reason Russian women try to find love overseas. As we’ve stated many times, Russian women outnumber Russian men 4:1 so there are simply not enough men to go around. To further complicate matters, young Russian men (ages 18-27) are required to serve one year in the Russian army (recently down from 18 months), so many men do not have time to commit to a serious relationship. Factor in heavy drinking and the financial difficulties that plague many Russian men, and it is no wonder that Russian ladies are attracted to international matchmaking services.


A Sense of Adventure

Not all Russian women want to marry a foreign man, and not all Western men want a foreign bride. Though it may sometimes seem that every lady in Russia is a member of RussianLoveMatch, in actuality only a small, adventurous group of women seek love on our site. These ladies are intrigued by men from other countries and want to explore new cultures and customs. They are curious about global dating and are willing to consider all options, something many people can’t or won’t do. This free-spirited, open-minded attitude is just another reason why the ladies on RussianLoveMatch make excellent catches. 


The Ladies Are Drawn to Traditional Values

In general, Russian women believe that Western men are more family-orientated than their Russian counterparts. As many Russian women long to get married and have a family, they are drawn to international dating sites like RussianLoveMatch to find eligible men with these same goals. While there are certainly many marriage-minded men in Russia, the overall shortage of men makes such males a rare find and many Russian women choose to seek love elsewhere. 


Now that you know why so many hot Russian ladies are looking for love on RussianLoveMatch, why not find the woman of your dreams today?