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What’s With All the Professional Profile Photos?

5. November 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

The HotRussianBrides photo gallery contains hundreds, if not thousands of high-quality, professional photos of gorgeous Russian women. While gentlemen certainly enjoy gazing at these lovely ladies, a few can’t help but wonder how the women afford professional sessions. After all, don’t they earn only a few hundred dollars each month? Believe it or not, securing professional photos is not as expensive or as difficult as it sounds. Read on to learn how (and why) the ladies on HotRussianBrides appear in professional portraits. 


It’s Easy and Affordable

Many of our Russian agencies have their own onsite studios or can refer ladies to photographers who will offer the women a deep discount. In addition, professional photo sessions in Russia are not as expensive as they are in Western countries, so many women don’t think twice about hiring a professional photographer. Why wouldn’t they take advantage of this low-cost, convenient service?


The Ladies Want to Look Good

Russian women take great pride in their appearance, even more so than women from other countries. A great portion of a Russian lady’s budget goes towards makeup, fashionable clothes, and hair styles, so it is only natural that the women want to look their very best in profile pictures. They know they must compete with thousands of gorgeous ladies on HotRussianBrides and want to stand out as much as possible.


It’s a Sign of Professionalism

We at HotRussianBrides take professional pride in everything that we do. Whether it’s offering stellar customer service, innovative chat features, or extensive validation procedures, we strive to be the very best in the Russian dating industry. The high-quality photos are yet another example of this business creed. While some competitors may claim that the professional photos are evidence of scam, we know they are simply another example of professional pride.

Now that you know more about the ladies’ professional photos, why not check out one of HotRussianBrides' themed pictorials?