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What to Expect in Your Multicultural Marriage

16. March 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

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The thought of sharing a lifetime with a gorgeous and passionate Russian or Ukrainian bride sends millions of men to search international dating sites for their perfect matches. Fortunately, the internet has made multicultural marriages possible, but both bride and groom need to prepare for the challenges they’ll face when merging their lives together forever.



When men are chatting with Russian brides online, they have the advantage of experienced translators helping to facilitate their communication. Even when he travels to her country, translators are available to make their meeting more comfortable. Once she moves to his hometown, the language barrier may be the biggest obstacle to overcome. A gentleman who is serious about sharing his life with a Russian or Ukrainian woman should try to learn some of her language, and she should strive to learn his. Helping to teach each other can be a bonding experience and actually quite fun.



Life in Russia and Ukraine is vastly different from other countries in many ways, especially financially. If a Russian woman is lucky enough to have a job, she probably only makes a fraction of the pay that one would expect somewhere else. While her income may be sufficient for the small expenses she has, learning to manage finances abroad will be a drastic change. Mortgages, car payments, and credit cards are largely unknown to the average Russian bride so men may need to educate his fiancé about these topics.



Every community has various traditions, with some more deeply rooted than others. Women from the countries of the Former Soviet Union are often admired for their strong cultural values which won’t be easy to forget about after they move away. Couples will naturally discuss their cultural differences, but they should also determine how they will meld them together in their new life. Men could help prepare by seeking out Russian or Ukrainian community centers, churches, cultural clubs, and restaurants in their own hometowns so that their new brides will have some familiarity.



Since international online dating is still seen as strange and taboo in many countries, some Russian ladies are worried that their own families or friends may not approve of their choice of finding love this way. Men may also share similar feelings since Russian dating still holds the negative stigma of “mail order brides”. This is why members of need to be courageous in their quest and confident that the end result will be worth the possible ridicule of the process. A couple should be open and honest with their families and introduce each other as soon as they become serious in the relationship to help everyone adjust to this new life.


Every marriage requires hard work and dedication to be successful, but international marriages call for even more commitment, compromise, and a plethora of patience. While some people may think these hurdles are too high for this union to succeed, statistics show that they actually last longer than traditional marriages. One reason may be that so much effort and determination is put forth to find that perfect partner that once they are joined together, there is no obstacle large enough that could keep them apart. Start the search for your soul mate today!