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What Russian Women Want to Know About You

9. May 2013 by Christy 0 Comments

Wondering what the women of Russian Love Match are most curious about? Here are a few things to share with a prospective match.


Details of Your Life

Russian and Ukrainian women are naturally curious about the lives of Western men. They want to know about your country and culture, your language, and how you spend a typical day. Details about your friends and family, hobbies and interests are also intriguing. The best way to share information about your life is answer a woman’s questions and then ask her questions in return. That way you’ll both learn more about each other.


Who You Hope to Find

The women of RLM are also interested in hearing about the type of woman you hope to meet. This is important as it can help the lady determine if the two of you are a good match. Don’t be shy about sharing the characteristics of your ideal match. What are her interests? Values? Dreams and plans for the future?


Why You’re Searching for Love Abroad

Many women are curious about your reasons for joining Russian Love Match and your interest in Russian women. Feel free to share your thoughts. The ladies are interested in what you have to say. However, be careful about bashing the women in your own country as it can come across as overly bitter and negative.   


In short, the women of RLM want to know the same sort of things about you that you want to know about them. Head over to Russian Love Match to chat with a potential match today.


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