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What Russian Women DON’T Want in a Man

17. May 2013 by Christy 0 Comments

We’ve shared a lot of advice about what Russian women want in a man, but what about what they don’t want? Here are four things the women of Russian Love Match just can’t stand.



Arrogant men who act as if any woman should be thrilled to have them are just not attractive. Truly great catches are modest and gracious and never make a lady feel small.  Some men mask anxiety or insecurity with a cocky attitude, but trust us when we say this is never the way to go. 



Demanding men are also a huge turn off. Some members mistakenly believe they can order women around, but being bossy is a great way to chase off promising women. Because of this, men should never demand a woman chat at a certain time or stop talking to other members. The women are free to do what they want and attempting to control them will send up a big red flag. 


Inappropriate Sex Talk

Fixating on sex or inappropriately voicing your desires turns Russian women off, not on. When emailing or chatting with a Russian woman, don’t mention sex in the first few emails, send her nude pics, or ask her to do the same. After all, Russian Love Match is niche dating site, not an adult chat room or sexy cam girl site. 



Anger and bitterness is a huge turn off. That’s why it’s important for men to put negative feelings aside and work on finding a match. This means you shouldn’t trash your exes or the women in your home country, brood over every slight, or dwell over past heartbreaks and disappointments. While a little frustration is normal from time to time, being overly angry and negative can ruin your chances of finding a match.

Don't thwart your Russian dating experience with the four offenses listed above. Though nobody's perfect, you can improve your odds of finding a match by avoiding behavior that is arrogant, demanding, bitter, or inappropriate.