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What Russian Ladies Want in a Man

2. November 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

You don’t have to be rich, flashy, or built like a Greek god to attract Russian ladies. The qualities that truly attract a lady who wants a stable and serious relationship are not superficial ones. The most attractive traits are ones that, with some effort and discipline, anyone can cultivate. Some of the things that Russian ladies want in a man:


A Sense of Humor – ladies love a gentleman who can make them laugh. Share funny photos, stories and jokes with her.


Stability – Russian ladies love a man who is emotionally, financially and socially secure. You don’t need to be a millionaire; they’ll be pleased with a gentleman who has all of his bills paid on time and won’t be ruined by a financial hiccup. They also love a gentleman who is calm, even-tempered and strong.


Confidence – developing a strong self-esteem and feeling of self-confidence makes you very attractive to the ladies. When you know that you are worth knowing, they will pick up on that.


Patience – international dating takes time, and a lady likes to know that her gentleman has the patience to see it through.


An Optimistic Attitude – never send pessimistic, suspicious, or negative emails or messages. Ladies like a gentleman who is upbeat and has an optimistic attitude.


Great Manners – Russian ladies love gentlemen who hold the door, say please and thank you, and generally show attentive and kind manners.


A Respectful Attitude – listen carefully when she speaks, and respond kindly and politely.


Compassion and Kindness – ladies appreciate a gentleman who give them compliments, cheer them up when they are feeling down and who remember special dates and make her feel cared for.


Great Grooming – you don’t have to look like a rock star. Simply wearing nice clothes that fit well go a long way toward making a great impression with her.


A Great Smile – makes sure that you are smiling and happy in your profile photos. A warm smile is one of the first things a lady will notice, and it makes you attractive and inviting.


By cultivating these attractive qualities, you increase your chances of catching the eye and heart of a Russian lady who will be perfect for you. Still haven’t found the one? Log on now and chat with beautiful Russian ladies.