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What If I Leave RussianLoveMatch and Want to Come Back?

3. November 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

If you cancel your membership on you may come back at any time. However, if you do decide to return we recommend you that reactivate your old account, rather than creating a new one. Here’s why.


New Accounts Create Confusion

Creating two (or more) accounts on RussianLoveMatch typically results in a lot of confusion. You may confuse your old log-in information with your new information, you may be billed for the wrong account, you may forget which account you used to speak to a certain girl, etc. In general, it’s much easier and far less confusing to reactivate an old account than to create a new one.


You Must Start Over

Former members who create a new account on RussianLoveMatch must start from scratch. They will not be able to access their old email history; they will not be able to view their former Favorites, Matches, or Admirers; and they will not be able to retain their status as a Qualified Member. It doesn’t matter how many credits you used before, if you create a new account you must become qualified all over again.    


The Ladies May Not Know It's You

If you create a new account on you will have a new user name and a new member ID. This may confuse ladies who know you by your original information and may cause them to ignore, delete, or completely overlook your email. Plus, a woman may think it’s strange if you reappear with a completely new account. While your intentions may be innocent, abandoning one account and creating another can seem sneaky or shady.


While you are free to create a new account if you really want, there are many benefits to reactivating your old one. To reactivate an account, simply log on to the site using your old information, select the “Edit Account” option from the bottom toolbar, and then check “Active.” Inactive hides your profile and personal information from the website, while switching it back to active will reinstate your status on our service. As always, members are welcome to contact our customer service team with any questions or concerns.