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What Am I Paying For?

21. January 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

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A few members of RussianLoveMatch believe that the membership fees we collect is pure profit. This is not true. Each month, RussianLoveMatch must satisfy a myriad of financial obligations before the company can earn any money.


To chat or send emails, a Russian woman needs a computer, an Internet service provider, and a web cam. As the vast majority of Russians cannot afford computers, provides all of the equipment a lady needs to chat with Western men and we pay all of the necessary costs. This is more expensive than one might think. Most internet providers in Russia do not offer unlimited service, so we must pay by the minute. In addition, our popular video chat feature creates extra traffic and we must pay separate fees for the increased usage. It’s also important to remember that we employ a full-time staff of translators who are compensated for their time. 

In addition, RussianLoveMatch also employs a full-time staff of customer service professionals in the United States. These helpful professionals are available seven days a week to answer questions and address member concerns. IT gurus, graphic designers, administrative support staff, marketing specialists, and other experts are also critical to the success of RussianLoveMatch. Needless to say, employing all of these people costs money.


A common misperception about RussianLoveMatch is that the membership fees a gentleman pays goes straight into our founder's bank account. Though we are a business and must earn a profit to remain viable, must cover a wide range of operating expenses to provide the level of service our members have come to expect. It's not all profit.