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Valentine's Day Emoticons are Here!

7. February 2013 by Michelle 0 Comments


Single Russian girls usually have romance on the brain all the time anyway but they are in love overdrive right now. And it's all because of Saint Valentine.


This is a universal holiday that's celebrated around the globe so is is giving gentlemen several ways to make their long distance relationships more romantic.


First, you can enhance your emails with new Virtual Cards. Second, you can order special surprises from the Gift Shop. And now, you can liven up your instant messages with new Valentine’s Day Emoticons!


The Emoticons are animated graphics that you can use during live chats. Find them by opening a chat window with a lady and then clicking on "EMOTICONS" just below the text box. There are over two dozen to choose from with even more now that the Valentine’s Day ones are available.


Shower your favorite Russian bride with love and romance this holiday. Hopefully you’ll spend the next one in each other’s arms.