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Using a Russian Dating Service Vs. Contacting Russian Women On Your Own

12. January 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

While some men prefer to contact Russian women directly, rather than using a Russian dating service like, contacting Russian women without the assistance of an introduction agency is not as easy and convenient as one might think. Here are just a few reasons why men may want to consider using our service.


Avoid Scams

Many gentlemen avoid Russian dating services like because they are afraid of scams. Some argue that RussianLoveMatch pays women to chat (not true) or that the ladies are not writing emails themselves (also false). They insist that obtaining a lady’s personal contact information is the best way to avoid being scammed.

However, a lady who shares her personal contact information outside of a Russian dating service can certainly scam as well. Not only that, but a gentleman will have little to no recourse should this happen. RussianLoveMatch encourages its male members to report any and all Russian scammer suspicions and will immediately investigate the matter. If a lady is found guilty of violating our terms of service we will remove her from the site. In addition, we verify that a lady's intentions are sincere before allowing her to post a profile, and we require all ladies to record and submit a validation video stating they will not ask for money or gifts on Gentlemen who communicate with ladies on their own do not have this protection.


Access a Larger Pool of Russian and Ukrainian Women

As we’ve stated many times before, the vast majority of Russian and Ukrainian women cannot afford a home computer or Internet service. Therefore, many ladies turn to Russian dating services and the free access they provide.  If it weren’t for services like RussianLoveMatch, many Russian women would be unable to post a profile online and Western gentlemen would have a much smaller pool of women to choose from. While there are certainly women who own home computers or can afford to pay fees at Internet cafes, most prefer to use Russian dating agencies. While having a lady’s contact information is nice, this info is useless if the lady cannot afford to chat with you.    


Avoid Translation Hassles

Many Russian women do not have a firm grasp of English and are unable to converse with Western men on their own. Therefore, they turn to Russian dating services and the translators they provide. These professionals translate gentlemen’s messages and help the ladies craft a perfect response. Without the translators, many Russian ladies would not be able to pursue foreign mates. Again, while it's nice to have lady’s personal contact information, the info is utterly useless if you cannot communicate with her.

Unlike many of our competitors, RussianLoveMatch includes translation fees in the cost of membership. Our members never have to worry about finding a translator and paying exorbitant fees for the translation of emails, letters, and chats, costs that can run from $0.02 to $0.10 word, $5 per letter, or $15 per minute!


Though many men claim that getting a Russian woman's personal contact information is the only way to go, gentlemen should weigh the advantages of disadvantages of this decision carefully. RussianLoveMatch provides a variety of convenient features that Russian dating free agents can never enjoy. Please keep this in mind when considering your options.