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Up For a Challenge? Try International Dating!

24. May 2013 by Michelle 0 Comments

More and more people are meeting their soul mates in countries other than their own with the help of the internet. The beautiful women of Russia and Ukraine are desirable marriage partners for thousands of men each year.


While the online courting process is easy and enjoyable, once a couple pairs up and decides to wed, there are many aspects of an international marriage that they need to understand and prepare for.


It all starts with communicating through emails and instant messaging. This couldn’t be done without the assistance from the skillful translators. Their role becomes even more important when a man travels to meet his match in person. However, once the couple is ready to marry and live together in his country, being able to communicate on their own will be their biggest challenge. This is why both bride and groom should begin learning each other’s language ahead of time, to help make this transition much smoother. Many couples will make a game out of it and have fun teaching and learning together.


Economics in Russia and Ukraine is quite different from other parts of the world. Russian women that are fortunate enough to work will earn in a month what men from other countries can earn in just a few days. While her pay may be adequate for her lifestyle, learning to deal with the changes of a new lifestyle will be a struggle. The monthly bills from home and car ownership, plus loans such as credit cards will be mostly new to a Russian bride so her husband will have to help her understand these issues.


Another major challenge of merging mates from different countries is adapting to each other’s traditions and cultures. Russian and Ukrainian women are often very deeply rooted in their countries’ histories and values, which they won’t easily part with once they move away. Discussions about the differences in cultures often come up during dating, but more serious plans should be made on how they will merge their beliefs together. Russian and Ukrainian churches and community centers can be found in many foreign towns and men should seek them out ahead of time so their new wives can experience a piece of home nearby in their new world.


While online dating is slowly becoming more accepted in many societies, international dating is still seen as strange or taboo. Many couples are faced with the challenge of being not being accepted by friends and family for finding their other halves this way. Men especially are laughed or mocked for going online to purchase a "mail order bride," since the Russian dating industry still holds those negative stereotypes. If both partners can remain open-minded and confident, then their lifetime of happiness will warrant the bumpy path that gets them there. Family and friends should be introduced to a foreign mate early on in the relationship so they have time to understand it and hopefully accept it.


All types of relationships need plenty of patience, compromise, and dedication to make them work. However, international marriages need just a little bit more. Could these additional challenges be too much for a multicultural couple to last? Statistics actually show that international unions tend to last longer than traditional marriages.


Maybe it’s due to the fact that both partners are so devoted and determined to find their perfect match in the beginning that once they do, making the marriage succeed in the end is the easy part.