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Transcarpathian Wine and Cheese Tour

16. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Wine and cheese tourWhen you travel to Ukraine to meet that beautiful lady, make sure you make some time to see this magnificent country, as well. There are a few great tours available for people with any set of interests. One that looks like an intriguing choice for foodies is the two-day Transcarpathian Wine and Cheese tour offered by local tour company Bee Travel. This looks like a fabulously romantic weekend away for you and a special girl.


The tour departs Lviv on a Saturday morning to begin the trek in to the mountains. On your way up, you get to visit castles and taste fine Transcarpathian wines aged to perfection in the regions cool cellars. In Beregovo, there are spacious century-old wine cellars carved directly into the stone of the mountain. Beregovo is also home to thermal mineral pools where you can stop and swim.


On the second day, you arise to a gourmet breakfast in Beregovo. From there, you leave to enjoy cheese tastings and a unique mineral water tasking in Kelechyn. There will be time for shopping, too, with a stop in Iza to pick up fine wines. In the evening, you will visit the Shepit waterfall on the Pylypets River and enjoy dinner nearby.


Fine cheeses that you will get to try include such varieties as feta, vurda, which is a type of yogurt cheese, and organic cheese from the Selyska Cheese Factory.


Booking a tour with knowledgable guides is a great way to learn about a region and find the best spots to visit. This tour company advertises tours in a number of languages including English, which means that you will be able to easily follow conversations about the places that you see. At the end of the tour, you’ll not only have seen some of the most beautiful region in Ukraine, but you will know more about the area and its people, as well.


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