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3 Tips for Traveling Abroad

23. August 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Planning to visit a special lady in Russia or the Ukraine? Here are four simple tips to help your journey go a little smoother.


Be Cautious

No country is immune to crime, and gentlemen should always be alert when traveling abroad. To avoid being the victim of a crime, avoid displaying large amounts of cash, keep a close eye on your belongings, and leave the flashy jewelry and expensive electronics at home (or at least in the hotel safe).

“Leave your actual passport and the majority of your cash in a secure place in your accommodations,” advises Rob, author of 'Rob’s Trip to Ukraine: Tips for Travelers and Russian Bride Seekers.' “I usually carried only 300-400 Hryvni ($35-50 U.S.) on my person along with just one credit card.”


Visit More Than One Lady

RussianLoveMatch advises gentlemen to meet more than one lady when traveling to Ukraine and some suitors are surprised by this recommendation, thinking it rude or disloyal to the ladies who grace our site. However, it’s important that suitors have alternate plans should things not work out with the lady of their choice. Plans change, schedules conflict, and emergences arise, not to mention some couples just aren’t compatible. Many gentlemen agree that it pays to be prepared rather than left in the lurch.


Learn Some Russian

No one expects you to be fluent in Russian, but knowing a few basic words and phrases can greatly improve your travel experience.  

“My advice to anyone going to Ukraine is to learn some Russian. It helps when you are making travel arrangements and reading maps or giving a taxi driver your address,” said one gentleman who recently visited a lady in Nikolaev.

Jake, another Russian dater, agrees.

“If you would like a little friendly advice try to learn a little Russian, it will make your visit there more enjoyable and might even impress the woman you are wanting to see, not to mention being able to understand and move around the city on your own," he advises.

Not sure where to start? Several websites offer free Russian language lessons, including and

Many members of RussianLoveMatch have traveled abroad to meet special women they met on the site. Could you be the next lucky gentleman?