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Think We Sell Mail Order Brides?

31. July 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

When people imagine the home countries of mail order brides, Russia and the Ukraine often come to mind. However, the women of Russian Love Match are not for sale. In fact, many of our ladies have never heard the term "mail order bride" and would be annoyed if they knew people thought of them that way.


Despite the prevalent myths that suggest otherwise, women from the FSU are not poor, miserable creatures who long to move to abroad. Believe it or not, Russian and Ukrainian women view international dating sites as a fun way to meet new people and possibly find a future husband. They do not view these services as a way to sell themselves for marriage. In fact, global dating sites are now just a niche form of online dating, and men cannot order women from these services anymore than they can order women from mainstream dating sites.

Essentially, Russian women don’t consider themselves mail order brides because mail order brides no longer exist! Even if men could buy women for marriage, the vast majority of Russian and Ukrainian women would not be interested. Though jokes about "Add to Cart" wives and "BOGO" brides are common, they are not an accurate representation of the Russian dating industry.