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Things to be Thankful For: Love

24. November 2009 by James 0 Comments

This Thursday millions of Americans will travel near and far to celebrate an all-American holiday, Thanksgiving. Past members of of are thankful that they have found their true love and fruitful families.

A Ukraine Dating Success Story

One couple who have much to be thankful this year are Mike and Helen. They are both single parents who were praying to find their special someone. Both were searching for a partner who shared their goals, beliefs and who valued a solid family life.


This past summer they met here on They courted for two months online. Then Mike flew to the Ukraine to visit Helen on October 1. From that first meeting, they were both love struck. Their respective ships had come in.


Helen tells it in her own words, “I used to ask people who had already met their other half and who are still happy together: ‘How do I know which man was sent to me by God?’ To this they replied: ‘You will just know it beyond any doubts and you will not want to meet anyone else’. Now that I have met Mike I agree with them.”

Mike felt it too because just two days after meeting Helen face to face, he proposed marriage. Of course she said, “Yes!”

“I am engaged,” Mike exclaimed. “I have been so lucky to find the woman of my dreams. Her name is Lena (a diminutive for Helen) and she is a truly a gift from God.”

Both Helen and Mike’s boys are excited to that soon they will have a new brother and a new family.

Finding a love like Mike and Helen’s is something that does really happen in the world of online Russian dating. There are many other couples who have found love and happiness on the other side of the globe.

When asked what he was thankful for this Thanksgiving, Mike said,“I thank God every time I think of her and want to spend the rest of my life with her. God is good to those who love Him and stay faithful. I am truly blessed. Lena from Cherkassy- my better half, she is my gift from God. "

Helen also thanks Heaven for her good fortune, “We were destined to be together by God and now we have to pass another test by being separated by distance.”

For those of you considering global dating or still searching for your true love, take to heart the words of Helen, “I want to encourage all of you who are looking for their love. I want to tell you that God makes all dreams come true!”