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The manners! The accent! Why Russian ladies love British guys

11. November 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

It's a myth that all Russian women want to live in the States. While US culture is everywhere, what woman can resist the UK, from its cosmopolitan cities to its quaint woods and cottages? The UK is bursting with culture, history and energy. And British and Russian people share many aspects of culture, from holidays at the beach to a love of tea and gardening. It's a Euro thing!


Here are more reasons the UK is OK with Russian women:




British manners are smooth, suave and very flattering to Russian women. Many say they just can't find enough of it at home. 



British men tned to be romantic in private and perfect gentlemen in public. The UK fondness for pet names like "luv" and "darling" are also music to Russian ears!



British, Russian and Ukrainian education systems follow similar forms and attention to discipline and conformity. They have three years of secondary school and then an option of college or university. They put similar focus on the arts, the classics and world history.



Dry British humor (sorry, humour) may escape some non-native speakers at first, but keep after it! Cockney rhyming will have her rolling on the floor. So will episodes of EastEnders.




Like British women, Russian ladies are independent and strong. You can count on them in a crisis. Yet they thoroughly enjoy going out and having fun, being feminine and looking after their men on the romantic front



Russiian ladies melt for Savile Row suits! As for them, Mumsy is not the word. They love to dress up. So be forewarned:  While she will likely fall in love with the UK's gardens, trading heels for Wellies may take a bit of encouragement on your part! greatly appreciates our members across the globe. We know it's a big world out there -- and we aim to help you find the Russian lady of your dreams.