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The Three Most Common Myths About Russian Women

25. May 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

As the popularity of Russian dating sites increase, so too do the myths about Russian women. Here are three of the most common, and unflattering, myths plaguing the women of Eastern Europe, and why they're just plain wrong.

Russian Women Are Mail Order Brides

Perhaps the most common myth about Russian women is that they’re apt to become mail order brides, women that men can literally purchase for marriage. This is absolutely false. Not only do traditional mail order brides no longer exist, but Russian women choose their husbands carefully. They hardly marry the first foreigner that comes along.

Russian Women Are Poor and Miserable

One reason people think men can buy Russian women is because they believe Russian women are poor, miserable wretches who are desperate to escape the former Soviet Union. This is also false. Though Eastern Europe certainly has its challenges, it is hardly the desolate wasteland people imagine. Many women lead happy, productive lives there.

Russian Women Are Green Card Scammers

The belief that Russian women are poor and marry for money rather than love has led to another common myth – the green card scammer. Many people think that Russian women will dump their foreign husbands as soon as they have a green card (or equivalent residency rights), but this is hardly common. Moving abroad for marriage is a momentous task and not one Russian ladies take lightly. The majority of women marry for love, not a piece of paper.

Despite what negative stereotypes might suggest, men can’t buy Russian brides, Russian women aren’t poor and miserable, and Russian ladies don’t just want a green card. Don't be swayed by these common myths.