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The Rules of Rejection on Russian Love Match

25. June 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Rejection and online dating often go hand in hand, and Russian dating is no different. Here are a few tips for handling rejection on, now matter which side of the coin you fall.



If you receive emails or chat invites from women who don’t interest you, it’s fine to ignore the ladies’ advances and move on. There’s no rule that says you must send a “thanks, but no thanks” message or explain your reasons for rejection. In fact, ignoring unwanted contact is generally the best bet as most members of RLM can’t possibly respond to each and every email they receive. Men who try to personally respond to every overture are often frustrated and overwhelmed. If you do send a rejection message, be firm and polite.


Being Rejected

It’s also important to understand that not every lady who interests you will share your feelings. If a woman on RLM ignores your email or chat requests or says she doesn’t think the two of you are a good match, don’t try to change her mind or get angry and send a nasty message. Simply respect her wishes, as much as it might hurt, and move on. Though most gentlemen know that the women of RLM aren’t mail order brides who are obligated to respond to a man’s advances, a few men get confused from time to time so consider this a friendly reminder.


Rejection is unpleasant, no matter which side of the fence you're on, but you can make it easier for everyone involved by refusing to linger on poor matches and instead focusing on finding women who are a good fit. Good luck!