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The Role of Introduction Agencies on RussianLoveMatch

7. June 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Though introduction agencies are an integral part of the RussianLoveMatch, many gentlemen do not understand what they are or what they do. Here's what members need to know agencies in Russia and Ukraine.


What is an Introduction Agency?

Simply put, an introduction agency is a Russian or Ukrainian-based business that offers computers, web cams, and a location for Russian women to engage in online dating. The agencies also provide translators to help ladies communicate with gentlemen. This perk is very important as without the help of interpreters, many Russian ladies would be unable to communicate with foreign suitors. Many ladies also enjoy spending time at the agencies because they are fun places to chat with friends and exchange international dating tips.


Agencies and Scam Rumors

However, introduction agencies don’t just provide computer equipment, translators, and social interaction. Our trusted agencies also help ensure the ladies on RussianLoveMatch are real and that their intentions are honest. How? Upon registration with a local agency, ladies must provide valid personal identification to prove their identity. They must also state on video that they are not being paid or forced to participate on RLM and that they will not solicit money or gifts from our members. We also require the ladies to put this information in writing. Without the cooperation of local agencies, it would be impossible for RussianLoveMatch to put these anti-scam measures into place.

Many men are wary of introduction agencies because of rumors they’ve read on blacklist sites or Russian dating forums. Critics claim that the agencies pay ladies to chat and exchange email with foreign gentlemen, but this simply isn’t true. We take great pains to work with best dating agencies in Russia and Ukraine and both the ladies and agency administrators have must agree to's Terms of Use which prohibits payment for correspondence. If a member suspects a lady is being paid by an agency, he should report his suspicions as soon as possible and will investigate the matter and act accordingly. We can’t fix a problem we don’t know exists so we encourage our members to report any and all suspicions they might have.


Despite the claims of some critics, introduction agencies are a great asset to as they filter out dating scammers and provide a safe, comfortable place for Russian women to correspond with Western men. Without the agencies, RussianLoveMatch would be quite different.