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The 3 P's of Impressing Russian Brides

4. October 2012 by Michelle 0 Comments

When you first join, you may receive so many emails from beautiful ladies that you don't worry about needing to impress them. However, first impressions do matter and could stand in the way of forming meaningful relationships with these ladies. 


Here are three things to pay attention to when dating Russian women online.



Show that you are an interesting and exciting guy right off the bat by posting creative photos and descriptions on your profile. Make sure your photos are recent and you're smiling in them. Don't use online dating clichés like "I'm tired of playing games" and "I know how to treat a woman." Keep it positive and give specifics on what makes you a gentleman.



How do you come off to people? Shy and reserved or confident and outgoing? While both types of personalities are attractive to Russian women, many of them appreciate a "real man" who is mature and knows what he wants. They want men who can be strong and supportive, but also sensitive and sweet. Be mindful of your personality when chatting online.



Meeting in person is a whole different kind of first impression and possibly the most important. Even if you've known each other for several months, or years, it all comes down to the chemistry you feel when you're face to face. Make sure you look good and smell good. Pay attention to little details like your fingernails and eyebrows. Don't hesitate to get a manicure or wax if needed.


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