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Taking a Measured Look at “Scams”

17. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

“Am I getting scammed?”


This is, for some gentlemen, the first thing they wonder when something does not go the way that they want on a Russian dating site. But, take some time to seriously consider the situation before you accuse your new Ukrainian friend.


It is very insulting to a Ukrainian lady to have her honor or intent questioned. Ukrainians take their personal honor very seriously. A Ukrainian lady will take an accusation of scamming as a great affront, and treating her with suspicion can kill a budding romance.


You can’t find out if someone is a scammer by asking her to do things for you, like dance on camera or hold up a certain number of fingers. In fact, it is impolite to subject ladies to demands. The ladies are not obligated to obey orders; remember, you are on a dating site! They are here to have fun and meet eligible gentlemen.


A woman who is does not return your romantic interest is not a scammer. The ladies on our site are seeking romance, just like you are. They have preferences and tastes. Just like in local dating, not every person you talk to is going to wish to pursue a romantic relationship with you.


The ladies who go to our partner sites in Ukraine and Russia are very carefully screened. Scamming is extremely rare, and is dealt with swiftly. We take scamming very seriously. For your protection, we recommend the following:


  • Ladies are not allowed to ask for gifts on our site. While gifts are a fantastic way to show affection, they should never be demanded or expected. A request for gifts is not necessarily a sign of a scam, but, it can be a sign of one if accompanied by other warning signs.
  • Never send cash directly to any lady. Requests for money for travel, a sick relative, or any other emergency expense are a red flag.
  • If you are ever asked for gifts or money on our site, notify customer service immediately. We do everything in our power to protect our valued customers from rarely occurring by troubling scams.


Be alert for the signs of scams, but do not be looking for one in every interaction. Suspicion and accusations are unattractive, and can sabotage a gentleman’s chances of finding romance. Go into Russian dating with both your heart and your eyes open. Realistic expectations and the openness to find the right lady for you increase your chances of finding true love.

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