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Switzerland: International Appeal for Russian Ladies

16. November 2009 by Administrator 0 Comments

Swiss men are known for chivalry, kindness, and a love of all things international. And that's no surprise because Switzerland is so intercultural.

It's the home of the United Nations, a top international playground for Beautiful People, and boasts an accepting atmosphere in which one fifth of its workers are foreigners. More than one-third of Swiss people marry non-Swiss. There is a sizeable Russian population.

So how do you bring a Russian or Ukrainian bride to Switzerland? If you are a citizen, you can marry with little trouble, but because so many people are residents and not citizens, immigration laws are not simple and you need a good deal of patience.

The good news is, your Russian or Ukrainian bride can visit as a tourist fairly easily and stay up to six months.

If you are a Swiss resident, your fiancee can come and live with you with few problems. She can then go through the process of getting a B or C permit. Swiss cantons do not recognize unmarried couples when it comes to residence permits, so give long and hard thought to marriage early on.


You can bring a spouse and her dependents to live with you if you have a B or CE class residence. Your Russian bride will not automatically obtain Swiss citizenship upon marriage. The naturalization process takes 12 years but residency comes in B and C classes, each with its own rights.


For more information on individual requirements, click here.


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