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St. Petersburg, The Venice of the North

19. February 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Palace Bridge, St. Petersburg, Russia

Since the beautiful Russian city of St. Petersburg is dissected by hundreds of rivers and canals, it is often called the Venice of the North. There are over 300 bridges of all shapes and sizes that are necessary for travel.


Bridge-building has been a vital part of St. Petersburg’s infrastructure since the founding of the city and many of Russia’s greatest architects and engineers have taken up the challenge over the last three centuries.


The Palace Bridge is one of the most famous sights of the city, linking Palace Square with the Strelka on Vasilevsky Island. A competition for designs was announced in 1901 and it took 8 years for a jury to decide on a winner. The construction was fully completed in 1939 and the bridge is decorated with ornate cast-iron railings, lampposts, lion sculptures, and pavilions. Today the bridge carries over 30,000 cars each day and the views are some of the most impressive in the city.


Another famous overpass is the Trinity Bridge which connects central St. Petersburg to the Petrograd side. It was opened in 1903 as part of the city’s 200th anniversary celebrations. Ideas for its eventual Art Noveau design were once again chosen by a competition which attracted international attention. The initial winner was the company of Gustav Eiffel, the engineer of the famous Paris landmark, but a later decision gave the job to the Batignolles Building Company instead.


Some bridges are simple and practical, while others are quite technical and intricately decorated. A romantic boat ride around the city with your favorite Russian ladies is a beautiful way to view some of these masterpieces. Here are just a few of the hundreds of bridges in St. Petersburg.


Anichkov Bridge

Anichkov Bridge, St. Petersburg, Russia

Bank Bridge

Bank Bridge, St. Petersburg, Russia

Bolsheohktinsky Bridge

Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge, St. Petersburg, Russia

Egyptian Bridge

Egyptian Bridge, St. Petersburg, Russia

Hermitage Bridge

Hermitage Bridge, St. Petersburg, Russia

Italian Bridge

Italian Bridge, St. Petersburg, Russia

Lions Bridge

Lions Bridge, St. Petersburg, Russia

Lomonosov Bridge

Lomonosov Bridge, St. Petersburg, Russia

Trinity Bridge

Trinity Bridge, St. Petersburg, Russia