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Some of the letters don't sound very sincere, why is that?

29. October 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

More than likely what you are reading is an Introduction Letter sent by the lady. It's important to remember that the ladies, just like the men, have the ability to send a first-time e-mail (Introduction) to a man she has yet to meet. When you first meet someone, what is it that you talk about? Normally the topics of conversation are your likes, dislikes, personal history, and motivations for wanting to meet someone new. This is exactly what these e-mails were designed by our members to accomplish.


The ladies' capability with the English language may also be a factor as well. While some can speak English eloquently, they may have trouble writing it or comprehending certain words or phrases. Most, if not all, require translators to assist them with their letter writing, which may account for the jumbled and not very fluent tone of the messages.


The process of communicating with these women requires patience and understanding. There are only so many ways that a person can describe themselves without sounding repetitive or trite. One must also consider how the women may view your e-mails, too. When you consider how many e-mails she may receive over time it is only logical to assume that she's heard just about everything there is to say. Yet despite this, they continue to write and look for that special someone. All that we ask is that while using our site you do the same.