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Signs of Interest in Russian Brides’ Body Language

6. November 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

The limitations of text chat and language barriers can mean that a lot of communication can get lost in translation. But, if you watch her video stream while you talk, you can learn a bit more about what that special Ukrainian or Russian lady is thinking and feeling. Her body language will reveal signs that she is interested in you.


Look for Indicators of Interest

A lady’s body posture is usually more open when she is interested and engaged. For instance, her hands will be at her sides or on the desk between messages instead of crossed across her body. Often, she will lean forward toward the screen or camera. If her body posture is loose and relaxed, that’s also a pretty good bet that she is enjoying the conversations.


Her eyes can tell a lot about what she is thinking and feeling. Typically, when a lady is experiencing attraction, her eyes will widen and her pupils will dilate. If she looks up and to the side, it could be that she is remembering an emotion or thinking about something that you have said. 


Don’t Misread Casual Gestures as Indicators of Disinterest

Remember that no single signal can be interpreted on its own. It’s very important not to conclude that she’s having negative feelings because of one or two facets of her body language. This is true especially if that conflicts with what is going on in chat. Some people are not comfortable on camera, so, they will look uncomfortable even if they are enjoying their conversation. Or, she may have a closed body posture because she’s cold. If she’s looking to one side or the other, it doesn’t mean that she’s not interested. For her image to make “eye contact” with you, she’d have to look at the camera, which feels unnatural when chatting. More likely, she will look at the screen so she can see what you are saying to her.


Body language is just one part of conversation. While watching the signals that she sends can help you know that she is interested in you, the best thing to do is ask. If your favorite Russian lady likes talking to you, she will definitely let you know.