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Show Your Romantic Side to Russian Brides

14. June 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Beautiful Ukrainian bride, Korin

Dating gorgeous Russian girls from a distance is thrilling. These single ladies are rousingly romantic and gentlemen love the playful interaction. However, after a few months, some online relationships may lose their spark.


Here are a few ways to remain romantic during this international dating adventure.


Recall Your First Messages

One way to stir up those original passionate feelings is to revisit your old emails to each other. You can use your Black Book to view all your Email History with a specific lady. Remind her of some favorite phrases she sent to you and resend her some of your most eloquent quotes.


Look Forward to a Trip

Have you met your beautiful Ukrainian bride in person yet? The perfect way to rekindle the romance in your relationship is to take the next step and travel to meet her. If you’ve already vacationed in her home town, why not embark on a romantic getaway? Popular locations that Russian and Ukrainian women enjoy traveling to are Turkey, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Thailand.


Make Chat Dates

While a schedule may not sound spontaneous and sweet, setting aside a certain time every week (or even every few days) gives you both something to look forward to. Some online couples get so busy with the daily grind that they settle for a couple emails or a quick instant message session. If you schedule a chat date (made even better with live video streaming), you can share uninterrupted, meaningful time together.


Send Her Something Sweet

Most Russian women are wildly romantic and never get tired of receiving thoughtful things from you. In addition to sending gifts from the Gift Shop, gentlemen get creative by writing poems, drawing pictures, and just getting crafty and making stuff. You can take photos of everything you make and send them as attachments in emails, until you can hand deliver them in person.


Don’t let time or distance extinguish the fiery flames of your Russian bride romance. Remember how you felt when you first met and continue to recreate those feelings. Learning how to do this now will become even more helpful when you’re many magnificent years into your marriage.