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Should I Meet More Than One Lady When Traveling Abroad?

5. July 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Is it rude to meet more than one lady when traveling to Eastern Europe? While some gentleman say yes, others find it practical to arrange more than one meeting in case something goes wrong. Where does RussianLoveMatch stand? Though every traveler and situation is different, we recommend that most gentlemen plan to meet more than one woman. Here's why


While it doesn’t happen often, things come up and a lady may have to miss a scheduled meeting due to injury, illness, a busy work schedule, or just plain nerves. Schedule mismatches are a particular risk if a gentleman plans a surprise visit and doesn’t coordinate his schedule with a lady’s. It’s also possible that a lady and gentleman just won’t hit it off. Chemistry is something that can only be evaluated face to face and though two people may get along well online they may simply not mesh well in person. When this happens, it’s helpful if gentlemen have arranged meetings with other women. Many suitors have hit it off wonderfully with so-called backup dates, so men shouldn't be too distraught if a first choice doesn't work out.


While it’s acceptable, and even advisable, to make plans to meet more than one woman while traveling to Russia or the Ukraine, it’s not something Western suitors should discuss with the ladies. The women are well aware that many gentlemen court more than one lady in their quest for a Russian bride, but that doesn’t mean they want to hear about it. Plus, no woman wants to think of herself of a “backup” date. Tact and discretion are the best way to avoid hurt feelings and awkward encounters.

It's always smart to be prepared, especially when it comes to international visits, so gentlemen should not hesitate to make plans to meet more than one lady when traveling aborad. Though it's obviously ideal if a fellow's first choice lady works out, things don't always go according to Plan A so it pays to have a Plan B.