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RussianLoveMatch Offers Unique Video Validation Procedure

29. October 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

RussianLoveMatch's video validation process has revolutionized internet dating by providing an additional layer of protection and peace of mind to Western men seeking an Eastern bride through the international online personals community.


Online international personals communities face a number of challenges that are practically unheard of on domestic internet dating sites. Fueled by prevailing "mail order bride" myths and tales of "bait and switch" scam operations, companies must develop and perfect increased security and validation protocols in order to meet customer demands.


Since their inception, RussianLoveMatch has been a pioneer in their efforts to legitimize the international female clients using their services. "By requiring passport documents to verify photos and personal information for each active profile, we took the first steps towards developing our validation process," says the President and CEO of "We were the first in the industry to offer live video streaming, allowing our male clients to personally validate the women they were chatting with in real time."


These procedures were highly effective in reassuring Western clients; however some doubts still lingered about the intentions and motivations of the women using the site. "In response to feedback and suggestions from male clients, RussianLoveMatch launched a new Video Validation process, requiring all Eastern European women to read and sign an agreement on camera in order to maintain an active profile," the President continued.


"In this agreement, the women agree to follow RussianLoveMatch's Terms of Use, as well as make declarations such as her pledge not to accept any compensation from any person in exchange for using the service, that she is using the service of her own free will, and that she will not ask male clients for money or material gifts."


This new procedure adds another layer of protection to RussianLoveMatch's comprehensive ladies' validation process, proving the company's commitment to protecting their clients. Now, thanks to this innovative validation method, when there is any question concerning the legitimacy of a lady's profile, the company can produce video documentation. This documentation proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that the beautiful woman depicted in the profile is an actual active member of the website, looking for a serious relationship with a Western gentleman.


Video validation is an unprecedented measure in an industry which has long been associated with scams, misrepresentation and accusations against women without cause or an opportunity to answer to such claims.


Finally, this legacy of suspicion and labeling female members as scammers without reason has been replaced by a long awaited new era, in which evidence may be used to counter unfounded claims and opinions. Western men seeking a Russian Bride may rest easier, knowing that the gorgeous women they find on RussianLoveMatch have been validated using this exclusive new technique. is the premier international personals community, committed to raising the standards in technological innovation and customer satisfaction. By offering the most innovative tools in the industry, including Live Video Chat, Introduction Videos, Web Hostesses' Online Assistance and an exclusive "Black Book" (the first and ONLY Contact Management Interface in the industry), this widely popular and often imitated international personals community continues to grow its member base & strives to continue offering new valuable services to their already thriving community.