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RussianLoveMatch Learns From Other Online Dating Sites Mistakes

30. October 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

If you had a bad experience with a business or service, what do you do? Complain about it. Warn others. Seek suggestions. Online complaint websites are useful. Nearly every type of service is commented on and the online dating industry has its share. Read on to learn what irks customers about other online dating sites and see how RussianLoveMatch prevents these problems before they happen.


Matching Hassles

Sign up with other online dating sites and you are bombarded with personality tests, questionnaires, and lengthy profile submissions. Some sites won’t even allow you to search for people unless you complete all these necessary matching tools. Even then, some users complain that these methods are useless.


An Asian gentlemen user who prefers Caucasian women was disappointed when his online dating site only provided him with Asian women matches, even after he specified in every test, profile, and questionnaire that he prefers Caucasians! He became very upset and offended that a large matchmaking company didn’t understand that many men prefer women of different cultures and nationalities.


There are no extensive forms to fill out when joining and searching on RussianLoveMatch. Simply complete a profile and begin the adventure. You are in control by choosing your own matches and selecting the exact qualities that you seek in a partner, no matter what your own characteristics are.


Infamous Scammers

Rarely do other online dating sites implement safety and security procedures to confirm that the users are really who they say they are. Stories abound of men and women who have felt scammed by strange contacts, and some have even went on dates with their “matches” only to be completely deceived. They were not the attractive image of their photo and sometimes many years older. On RussianLoveMatch, you can be assured that the women you are seeing and communicating with are real and exactly who they say they are. The video validation process documents every Russian bride’s identification and intentions for participating in this service. What you see is what you get.


Cancellation Crusades

Many complaints about other online dating sites are problems with billing and cancellations. Some complain about the difficulty in contacting someone and credit cards continuing to be charged months after a cancellation. RussianLoveMatch's cancellation procedure is so simple, it makes you wonder why others have to be so problematic. This experience is not for everyone, so if it’s not for you, a simple click of “Cancel Membership” and it’s done. You retain your membership benefits for the remainder of the current billing period then you will never be charged again.


These are just some of the unfortunate hassles and complaints that users worldwide have experienced from the traditional online matchmaking sites. That’s why RussianLoveMatch is different and unique. Not only with the selection of beautiful single Russian and Ukrainian women using this service, but also in how the gentlemen members are treated, appreciated, and provided with the best customer service in the industry. See for yourself how refreshing Russian dating can be and begin your free membership today!