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Russian Love Match Wishes You a Happy New Year!

31. December 2012 by Michelle 0 Comments


When the Kremlin bells begin chiming at midnight on New Year's Eve, many Russian girls will write a wish on a sheet of paper, burn it on a candle, mix the ashes in their glasses of champagne and drink them before the chimes cease striking. They believe this tradition will ensure their wishes will come true. 


Whichever way you will be celebrating at midnight on New Year's Eve, hopes all of your wishes will come true in 2013. But remember the old Russian proverb that says, "As you meet the New Year, so you will spend it."


New Year celebrations are the biggest occasions of the year in Russia and Ukraine. In fact, the holiday is enjoyed twice -- once for the popular New Year on December 31st and then again for the traditional Orthodox New Year on January 13th.


On December 31st, most Russians are celebrating with friends and family, eagerly awaiting for midnight. Shortly before, everyone tunes in for the President's televised speech followed by the Kremlin chimes and the country's hymn.


Maybe you'll spend this holiday chatting online with beautiful Russian brides? If so, be sure to wish them... 

С Новым годом! (s no-vim god-om) or HAPPY NEW YEAR!