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Russian Love Match Is Perfect for Men in the Military

23. May 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Serving your country demands many sacrifices. One of the ones that people don’t talk about enough is the complications it can introduce to your dating life. Rigid, demanding schedules and the possibility of sudden and frequent location changes make it difficult to meet ladies in your local area. Luckily, we have a solution that fits perfectly into military life. A few reasons that military men should check out Russian Love Match®:


Take Her with You Wherever You Go

No matter where you are in the world, if you have an internet connection, you can keep in touch with that special Ukrainian lady. Unlike local dating, where you leave ladies behind when you are deployed, on RLM, you maintain the same relationship no matter where the service takes you. 


Ukrainian Ladies Are Familiar with Military Life

At some point in their lives, all Ukrainian men must give a year of military service. As a result, the ladies you meet on our site will have brothers, schoolmates or cousins who have served. The ladies know what is involved in military life, and will be more patient and accommodating than those who are not familiar with service life’s demands.


You’ll Find a Lady Who Values Fitness as Much as You Do

As you can tell by looking at the ladies’ profile pictures, Ukrainian and Russian women keep themselves healthy and fit. Since military service also demands high levels of fitness, the two of you will have that area of compatibility built in from the start.


Ukrainian Ladies Value Honor and Commitment

Commitment, respect and loyalty are high in the list of attributes that Ukrainian ladies value in a man. Military life requires dedication, and Russian and Ukrainian ladies recognize and appreciate that. Current or past military service is a signal to the ladies that you are a serious and honorable gentleman.


Choosing Online Dating Is a Savvy Decision

Once upon a time, online dating was regarded as the alternative for the desperate. But, as more and more people get online, internet dating has become a standard part of any single’s repertoire. By expanding your dating pool to encompass other parts of the world, you are simply at the forefront of a trend where the search for someone who fits into your life disregards geography in favor of a quality far more important: compatibility. 


But, don’t take our word for it. As a gesture of thanks this Memorial Day, we are extending 20 free credits to all current and past military members. Email your picture in uniform to before May 28, 2013 to receive your complimentary credit package.  Happy Memorial Day, and thank you for your service.