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Russian Brides are Sexy... Are They Also Smart?

17. November 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

You may notice that many of the beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women on RussianLoveMatch list their profession as student. Others list some very intellectual jobs. Here are some questions gentlemen members have asked about these sexy and smart Russian beauties.


What is her education like?

Education is a crucial aspect of Russian adolescent years. They begin in grade 1 and attend the same primary education school through grade 12. There are teachers that teach many grades and remain a very important person in the lives of students for years. After completion of primary school, many Russian students go on to higher education at the university. A 5 year degree can be completed in a variety of different subjects.


What is an “economist”?

Some gentlemen members have asked for the meaning behind this curious profession that’s listed on several Russian brides’ profiles. Lots of Russian ladies are interested in economics, so when they say they are economists, it just means the economy is their field of study. Another profession that gentlemen have asked about is “student of non-traditional energetics”. This type of study focuses on the use of solar, wind, and wave power as energy. Other popular professions you see on RussianLoveMatch are psychologists, engineers, teachers, and lawyers. These ladies are brainy!


Will she want to work in my country?

There are some Russian brides that will be happy as a loving housewife and a devoted mother, while others will certainly want to use their studies and excel in their field. And of course there are wonderful Russian women who will do both! These ladies are no slackers! Your Russian bride will surely bring her intelligence and skills to the table so you both can achieve a happy and successful live together.


The best way to learn more about your favorite ladies’ job, schooling, and career path, is to ask! Sure, these ladies have amazing bodies, but showing that you are interested in her brain too will further intellectual conversations and help form a stronger bond. Maybe she can teach you a thing or two!