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Russian Brides Play Russian Pyramid

5. November 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

Bigger balls, smaller pockets, and Russian ladies love it. These are some characteristics of Russian Pyramid, also known as Russian Billiards. Although not as internationally popular as cue games like American Pool or English Snooker, many players of Russian Pyramid claim that it requires more skill and is therefore more challenging.


Many countries in and around the former Soviet Union have annual Russian Pyramid tournaments and many fans of the game have been lobbying to be included in the Olympics.


Want to learn how to play? There are different rules for each variation of the game. The three most common styles are free pyramid, common pyramid, and dynamic pyramid, which are also called American, Moscow, and Petersburg, respectively. It sounds challenging already!


Many Russian and Ukrainian women love playing the different kinds of billiards so you may share a sporting interest already. This could give you something to chat about, and maybe you could teach each other on a future date? So rack 'em up and break... just don't break her heart!