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Russian Brides Celebrating January Name Days

3. January 2012 by Michelle 0 Comments

Most gentlemen need no excuse to send sweet messages to beautiful Russian brides, however, wishing someone a happy Name Day is certainly a good way to break the ice! Some ladies take their Russian Name Days very seriously, while others may not even know when theirs are! Either way, it's a good conversation starter and shows the ladies you are interested in their culture.


Nine Russian women's names are being celebrated this month so be sure to mark your calendar and find some ladies to congratulate!


Ulyana - January 3

Ulyana is a variant of the Latin name Julia. It means “youthful” and women sharing this name usually do exude a “young at heart” type of attitude. She may also go by a similar name like Uliana. This name was very common in the past and has recently seen a growing popularity again.


Anastasia - January 4

Anastasia is a very popular name with many different variants. A Russian woman with this name may also go by Anna, Nastya, Tasia, Stasha, or many others. Ask her which nicknames she prefers! Anastasia means “resurrection” and is commonly associated with the Grand Duchess Anastasia of Russia, who was the youngest daughter of Nicholas II, the last Russian czar.


Evgenia - January 6

Evgenia is from the Greek origin name Eugenia. It means “well-born, noble”. Women with this name tend to be very loyal and understanding.


Klavdia - January 6

Klavdia is from the Roman female name Claudia.


Lidia - January 19


Maria - January 19

Maria is another very common name with a long European history. It is said to mean “rebellious” so a Russian lady sharing this name may be feisty!


Tatyana - January 25

Tatyana is another name with many different spellings, but this day is very popular among students with all names. Tatyana Day is also known as Students' Day and is greatly celebrated because on January 25th, 1775, Empress Elizabeth signed the decree to establish the Moscow University.


Nina - January 27

Nina may be the short form of the Russian lady’s name Annina, meaning “favor, grace”.


Ksenia - January 31

Ksenia is a Ukrainian and Russian form of the Greek name Xenia, which means “hospitality” in Greek.


For the new year, why not make it a point to congratulate at least one Ukrainian woman on her name day each month? They will find you very thoughtful for remembering them and maybe you will find your match this way!