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Russian Amateur Cosplayer Hired by Game Creators

3. December 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Anna Molova - incredible cosplayerReaders of gaming sites like Kotaku have become familiar with the intricate and accurate costume designs of Russian cosplayer Anna Moleva. Her cosplays of Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman, and a super sexy FemShep from Mass Effect 3 have found fans all over the world. And now, her spot-on accurate portrayal of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite has paid off in an unexpected way: Anna has been hired by Irrational, the game’s creators, to depict Elizabeth on box covers, in ads and at gaming conventions.


Anna, who often goes by Ormeli online,  says that her love of anime is what first attracted her to cosplay. She loved attending anime conventions as a teenager, and soon became a fan of video games, as well. She says that her cosplay of Elizabeth took well over a month. Part of the delay came from alterations to Elizabeth in-game. Anna had to scrap her costume plans twice to keep up with the latest Elizabeth incarnation.



The Elizabeth photos of Anna that went viral were, ironically, not originally intended for public distribution. Anna took the pictures to share with the organizers of a gaming competition. However, she was so happy with the results that she posted them to the Bioshock forum. Viewers were entranced by Anna’s huge blue eyes and gorgeous figure. Soon, the photos had been spread by cosplay and gaming lovers all over the world and fans were demanding more pictures of her playing Elizabeth. 


Bioshock fans, be on the lookout for more of Anna as Elizabeth. Irrational is at work on a television ad starring Anna, and she will be at their booth at upcoming gaming conventions.


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Photos: Anna Ormeli Facebook