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Resources for Your Bride in Toronto

5. December 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments


Ties between Ukraine and Canada have always been close. Canada has the world’s third largest population of people of Ukrainian heritage, after Russia and Ukraine itself. There have been three distinct waves of Ukrainian immigration into Canada, and many Ukrainian-Canadians choose to keep their cultural traditions alive. Canada is a great place to live, and many Ukrainian ladies fantasize about the chance to live there. The Economist Intelligence Unit, a sister company to the magazine The Economist recently listed Canada in its top ten countries to raise children. Canada grabbed spot 9 on the Where-to-Be-Born list based on subjective factors such as personal happiness, and objective measures such as education, income and low crime levels.


Laws that help immigrants gain important documents are one of the many things that make the transition to Canadian living especially easy for your Ukrainian bride. For instance, it is possible for your bride to take the written part of her driver’s license exam in Russian. Russian and Ukrainian translators are available at the city’s 3-1-1 assistance line to help with issues ranging from garbage collection to street repair.


The Ukrainian Cultural Centre of Toronto has, since 1948, hosted Ukrainian cultural events, offered ESL classes and served as the heart of Toronto’s Ukrainian community.


In 1995, when Toronto became the sister city of Kyiv, Ukraine, the event was commemorated with the first annual Ukrainian Cultural Festival. The festival was a hit, and has grown over its tenure to become the largest Ukrainian street festival in North America, with about 500,000 people attending every year. At the festival, you will find dance groups, martial arts clubs, choirs and others dedicated to preserving Ukrainian culture in Canada. The festival runs for three days each year in mid-September.


Ukrainian Canadian Social Services is a non-profit that can offer help to your Ukrainian bride as she assimilates into Canadian society. They offer assistance with forms, translation services, counseling, referrals and other social services. If she would like to spend some of her time giving back to the community, they also have volunteer opportunities. Ukrainian Canadian Social Services needs volunteers that can assist with everything from handyman work to help in the kitchens.


We think your bride will love living in what is easily one of the world’s most diverse cities. Still looking for love? Sign on now to meet single Ukrainian ladies.