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Researchers Study Online Dating Profiles, Share Tips

11. August 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Researchers at UC Berkeley's School of Information recently analyzed the content of thousands of online dating profiles to see how people market themselves and what preferences a person's profile content inadvertently reveals. Here’s what they found and how their research can help you in your search for love.


Profile Photos Count

Users who post profiles with no photos or photos that are blurry and out of focus attract much less attention than those who take the time to select a quality photo. Wouldn’t you be more interested in a woman who included a picture in her profile than one who did not? According to researchers, women like men look “genuine,” “extroverted,” but not “overly warm or kind,” so go through your most recent photos and find the shots that best capture these adjectives.


So Does Profile Text

Researchers also found that “women like photographs but also value the self-descriptive narrative in profiles.” Unfortunately, many men on RussianLoveMatch write a minimal amount of information, with some writing nothing at all. Take advantage of this opportunity to stand out from the crowd! Write about who you are and what kind of woman you’re hoping to meet. This helps the ladies learn more about you and will attract those who share your interests and goals.


Compelling Emails Get Results

Women, on average, receive a lot more email than men on dating websites and will therefore only respond to the most interesting messages. As one lady told Mercury News, “It's kind of overwhelming. I delete most off the bat — maybe 70 to 80 percent.” Who does she delete?  “The people who don't have photos, are immediately unappealing, maybe lightly insult me, misspell words or just don't say anything interesting at all.” If you want to entice a lady to respond to your emails (especially popular ladies), take the time to craft a message that is compelling, respectful, and personalized.


Short and Sweet is Best

Another interesting fact that researchers discovered is that less is more. In fact, a team from Harvard Business School, Boston University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology published a paper in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology on this very topic. Why? Besides the danger of overwhelming a potential partner, sharing a huge amount of information can cause people to “find more reasons to believe that they're very different,” and thus incompatible. Naturally, you’ll share a lot of information over the course of a relationship, but it’s generally best to keep things short and sweet in the early phases.


Go to Her!

If a man wants to determine if a woman he is courting online is marriage, or least long-term relationship, material he must meet her in person! “You really have to go on a first date to find out,” said UC Berkeley's Andrew Fiore. You’ll never have a Russian bride if you never travel to Russia for meetings, so don’t hesitate to plan a trip if you and a special lady have really hit it off. 


Though Russian dating is a niche, the basic rules of online courtship still apply. Profile photos and the text in profiles count, as do introductory and followup emails. Men should try to keep their initial communication short and sweet and be willing to visit a lady once things get serious. Follow these 5 tips and you'll improve your chances for success on