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Real Couples Share Tips for Finding Love on Russian Love Match

6. March 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Wondering how real men meet and marry women from Russian Love Match? By following the three simple tips below!

Chat, Email Often

If you want to build a solid relationship with a Russian woman, you must email and chat with her often. While busy work schedules, family commitments, and the tasks of day-to-day living can be distracting, you must stay in touch with a lady if you want to go from being romantic pen pals to something more promising and permanent. Elya and Kane, HRB/RLM's latest success story, made it a point to chat every day.

“I communicated with Kane every day with letters and in chat and we felt that it was not enough for us to be just friends,” Elya writes. “We had a lot in common and we could not stop talking with each other discussing many themes. We were so excited!!!"

Be Persistent

Russian dating, like any other form of dating, has its share of disappointments. The men who are successful on RLM are those who refuse to give up on finding love and are persistent in their search for a Russian bride, no matter what the obstacles.

“It was a long search to find the one I wanted to be with for all life,” writes Mark of Featured Couple Mark and Katya. “For any man who chooses to use the agencies it is not as easy as it seems, but if you are sincere and open up your eyes, and persevere you will be successful.”


Travel, Travel, Travel

Though it may seem obvious, men who are serious about marrying a Russian woman must be willing, and able, to travel abroad and meet potential matches. Elya and Kane met three times before they were engaged, John spent a month in Alena’s hometown before the two decided to tie the knot, and Robert and Inna met at least three times. Often, a gentleman will travel to Eastern Europe several times before he pops the question. Expensive international travel is an unavoidable reality of Russian dating and something gentlemen should be prepared for.

Though meeting and marrying a woman from Russian Love Match can be challenging, the pluses far outweigh the minuses. Check out Russian Love Match's Testimonials section to read more tales of Russian dating success!