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Online Dating - What to Do and What Not to Do

15. December 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

There is always room for improvement in any task. The same applies to the approach you take to online dating.


Whether you're new to the world of Russian dating or you're a seasoned pro, there are always new tips you can use to improve your results. Here are six things you can do to make your Russian dating experience much easier. 


Do Post a Good, Recent Photo

Posting a good photo that was taken in the not-too-distant past can be just the right element of your profile to get Russian women reading it. This does not necessarily mean that you should post a photo of yourself decked in your most expensive suit and wearing layer of makeup. You want to look natural, but handsome, so that the ladies get a sense of who you really are. It’s also important that the photo be recent. If your best photo was taken more than 20 years ago, maybe it’s time to take another one.


Do Look at More than Just Her Photos

One of the features that makes unique in the online dating world is the stunning and gorgeous photos our ladies proudly post to their profiles. Naturally, many gentlemen who use the site are drawn to the site because of said photos. However, it is important to thoroughly read each lady’s profile and get a sense of who she is before attempting to establish any kind of communication. She may look good, but does she have the right personality and the right interests to be a good match for you?


Do Be Honest About Yourself

A Russian woman will appreciate you more for who you really are than for something you claim to be. Tell her what you do, what your interests are, what your life over is like. You can certainly highlight anything that makes you unique, but don’t embellish or tell her anything that is not true.


Don’t Give Out Personal Information

Easy, big fella! As much as you may feel like you have hit it off with a particular Russian lady, it is always best to wait a while before exchanging any personal information with her. This includes any information about money, how much you make, etc. It is also never appropriate for a lady to ask for money or gifts from you on Doing so is a violation of our Terms of Use.


Don’t Be a Stalker

A sure way to make a lady abandon any initial interest she has in you is to try to find out more about her without her knowledge. This includes sending her frequent e-mails when she is not online, hounding her with instant messages when she is online, exploring other avenues to try to retrieve her personal information, or doing any number of other things to try and figure out where she is and what she is doing at any given moment. Being a stalker won’t get you a lady. But it could get you in trouble.


Don’t Get Discouraged

Rejection happens. Not every Russian lady is going to want to correspond, but don’t take it personally. Maybe she is taking a break from dating or maybe she has lost interest in dating all together. Always keep in mind that there are thousands of other Russian women available on who may want to get to know you.


The most important thing is to stay honest. If you present yourself for who you really are, you will attract more and better potential matches. Get started on finding that one special match today at